Health news today: Table salt found with 90% of Microplastics

Study shows 90% table salt is contaminated with microplastics. When we tap 13 million metric tons of plastic into the oceans every year.

Today’s tech news: OnePlus Backpack “Explorer” with 6t smartphone launch

OnePlus unveiled a backpack for its smartphones users with upcoming launch of one plus 6t flagship smartphone as one plus.

Today’s tech news: Lenovo and LG together to launch foldable tablet with 13-inch display

The first time that LG Display has reported to working on a foldable tablet panel.

Facebook accused of misleading metrics over video advertisements

Branding agencies and customers have accused Facebook. As Overestimating the amount of viewers watching advertisement.

New BMW X7 first look before official reveal

We know the BMW X7 is coming on October, and its public debut at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Today’s tech news: Amazon invests $10m to make recycling easier in US cities

Amazon reported today that it has put $10 million in Closed Loop Fund. These funds utilized for recycling services in urban areas.

Google Adds External Microphone Support for Recording Videos in Pixel smartphones

Google to update its camera app in pixel smartphones for new feature that is compatible with external mics to record sound.

Today’s tech news: The upcoming iPad Pro 2018 models may be as slim as 5.9mm

Apple will soon to launch its new iPad Pro 2018 models which expected to come with the same display size as compared

Health news today: Color changing contact lens to treat eye disorders

Medications intended to treat eye conditions regularly conveyed by means of eye drops. All of the genuine medication winds up trickling