Health news today: Table salt found with 90% of Microplastics

Study shows 90% table salt is contaminated with microplastics. When we tap 13 million metric tons of plastic into the oceans every year.

Health news today: Color changing contact lens to treat eye disorders

Medications intended to treat eye conditions regularly conveyed by means of eye drops. All of the genuine medication winds up trickling

Health news today: People’s approach on buying food products influenced by labels

The activity of buying food products from the food store differs among the people, some prefer in reading.

Ancient Egyptian blue pigment can grow energy efficiency

The ancient Egyptians created a blue pigment which they used in their depictions of gods and royalty.

Health news today: Efficient Hand Sanitizer usage Reduces 25% risk of Infections

Kids are more susceptible to illness caused by infections like nausea and coughing. The majority of the children effected.

Health news today: Do you know prescribed time to test for accurate blood pressure?

People observing blood pressure in home monitoring device is a typical methodology after a patient has been screened at a center.

Health news today: Mysterious kidney disease attacking workers in Agricultural fields

People working in agricultural fields infected with some mysterious kidney disease across the south Asia.

Health news today: CDC warns consumption of fast food increasing among Americans

The survey conducted by the center for control disease brought up an unbelievable information about Americans fast food consumption.

Health news today: Top 6 Meditation Apps for Reducing Anxiety and better Sleep

For meditation also there are lot of meditation apps, but today’s health news we are going known about top six.

Health news today: Evidence Proves No link between LDL Cholesterol and Heart strokes

A new evidence has suggested that bad cholesterol in the body doesn’t cause any cardiac problems.