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Today’s tech news: Google’s Project Fi Now Comes With a VPN For Protection

Google is getting its Project Fi VPN service to all of your connections. This can help to protect and secure all of your connections.

For the First time, Asteroid in Space Visible for Naked Eye

Scientists have announced a millennium event, to see an asteroid with naked eye expected to fly adjacent to earth.

Rydberg polarons a new state of matter detected in an atom’s orbit

Researchers have represented theoretical work of a new state of matter known as Rydberg Polarons organized at Harvard University and TU Wien (Vienna) and experiment was done at Rice University in Texas.

Epic games shutdown, User can apply and avail refunds

Paragon, MOBA ventures from Epic Games, will stop operations this spring. The studio has reported it will stop advancement on the games on all categories PS4 and PC and close down its servers. Furthermore, discounts will be offered for each buy at any point made on the games.

New Apple products coming soon

We know the craze of Apple products in public. When the electronic giant announces their new products the world much awaits to get what Apple implements in their latest products. Click here to read more

Best US Cities for nightlife vacations

Are you planning vacation for a weekend, you must definitely move for a place to enjoy. But you need to include night vacations to enjoy the whole weekend completely within stipulated time. Click here to read more