Samsung new smart Wi-Fi router delivers advance home network

World’s largest consumer Electronics manufacturer Samsung is attracting consumers every time with their latest products.

Today’s Tech news: Kaspersky discovers the new Keypass ransomware feature

Few days back a Cyber security research team from Kaspersky labs analyze a new ransomware ‘Keypass’.

Today’s Tech news: How the new Nvidia Turing GPUs benefit to filmmakers?

Nvidia Corp, one of the leading GPU manufacturers releases the information of it’s new Turing GPUs architecture at SIGGRAPH 2018.

Adobe Smart scanning app now appears in Samsung Galaxy Note 9

American multi-national company Adobe collaborated with the world’s biggest smartphone market leader Samsung.

New Firefox Test Pilot extension provide real time recommendations

Open source browser Firefox brings a new browser extension ‘Advance’ suggests the relevant information.

AMD build Semi-Custom SOC for gaming PCs and consoles

After getting the best supplier of gaming CPUs in 2018 global gaming market, Semiconductor manufacturing

Facebook and Instagram new time limit tools can track you, How?

Don’t overspend on Facebook and Instagram now they track you with their new tools. The social media giant.

Now Login your Edge browser by password-less Web authentication

Users of Microsoft Edge can login into their accounts now more easier without entering a traditional password.

Hackers can control research robots via remotely, study reveals

A latest robotics study reveals a shocking news that research robots can allow hackers when they left unsecured on the internet.

LinkedIn users now start your conversation with voice message feature

Popular employment owned social media service and Microsoft owned company LinkedIn launches a voice message feature