Alfa Romeo announces upcoming supercar by 2022

Italian car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo announces an upcoming supercar that could go up against the likes of Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche.

Intel new mini-gaming PC comes with AMD Radeon GPU

Chip makers Intel, AMD together design and introduce the latest product from Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) line. The new mini-gaming PC Hades Canyon is bigger than the square-ish mini-PCs from before.

Why Nvidia stopped its self-driving car test after Uber crash?

Chipmaker Nvidia has its own fleet of self-driving cars and finding to expand its automotive, but the company temporarily paused its self-driving car test.

Instagram Rolls Out Shopping Feature in 8 New Countries

Instagram is busy rolling out its “Shoppable” button to several countries before making it available globally. After spending about a year in testing the feature in the US, it has now rolled it out in 8 other countries.