Diabetes Walk in Jones Park

Mississippi’s Walk for Diabetes at Jones Park which is the only camp in Mississippi for children with diabetes and their friends and family. You get to learn about different pumps and stuff and you get to meet new people and learn about their diabetes and how they control it and you take insulin.

How to control the transmission of house fly diseases?

House flies are the species which consider as a part of regular human life, create irritation when they are flying around. READ MORE

New Diabetes Prevention program launched

No-cost program is first of its kind in Northern California.

Health Benefits with Brisk Walking

People finding ways to keep health better by performing brisk walking, jogging, fitness activities in morning at parks and gyms. But the researchers have found brisk walking easy fitness technique to stay fit.

Researchers demonstrate hidden feature in bacteria

The bacteria has ability to recognize the surroundings with no sensory organs. The researchers explained about bacteria that responds to chemical signals and have sense of touch. Click here to read more

One cancer drug against all types of tumors

The new cancer drug treats a genetic disorder responsible for most of the cancers influencing several types of tumors.

A Boy with 60 percent damage of skin gets new skin with gene therapy

A boy with rare disease gets treatment by doctors developing new skin with gene therapy. Most of the body in a distressed to help and save his life. Click here to read more

Fighting for better IVF embryo donations

A fertility clinic, IVF Australia to investigate allegations in IVF embryo donations that a Sydney woman led them to believe the pregnancy of her donor developed baby had failed. Click here to read more