Researchers demonstrate hidden feature in bacteria

The bacteria has ability to recognize the surroundings with no sensory organs. The researchers explained about bacteria that responds to chemical signals and have sense of touch. Click here to read more

One cancer drug against all types of tumors

The new cancer drug treats a genetic disorder responsible for most of the cancers influencing several types of tumors.

3 moon phenomena Lunar eclipse on Jan 31

The Lunar Eclipse event to occur on January 31 as moon reaches closer to the earth at a distance of 358,994 kilometers according to NASA. The super moon appears slightly larger during the Earths lunar companion which far away from us. People in US can watch the super moon with up to 14 percent visibility. […]

Human stem cell treatment may be an effective therapy for alcoholism

To find a better treatment for alcoholism, researchers from Chile find a new study involving human stem cell treatment and lab rats may possibly be the way to finding a cure for alcoholism. Currently, 17 million adults have an alcohol use disorder.

For the first time, Doctors transplanted Penis and Scortum in war veteran

A team of doctors from john Hopkins has transplanted penis and scortum to a war veteran whose got damaged with road side bomb attack in afghan war.

Cockroach milk: The future superfood

Generally, if we can find a cockroach or any insect in your food than immediately we feel disgusting and leave that place. But, a latest Indian research reveals that the nutrition’s in cockroach milk have more than three times the energy of normal cow’s milk.

NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover stays quiet as a big dust storm

NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover stays quiet as a big dust storm keeps on whirling on the Red Planet.

Latest space news: SpaceX reveals its Crew dragon space craft controls

The SpaceX aerospace factory has revealed the secrets and controls of its crew dragon space craft on Monday in a press conference.

Health news today: People’s approach on buying food products influenced by labels

The activity of buying food products from the food store differs among the people, some prefer in reading.