Review: Skagen Falster wearable Smart watch

Skagen watch maker a subsidiary of fossil group has released its new Falster smartwatch wearable device.

CDC warns 8 North-Central states due to salmonella outbreak

The Federal Government alerts the residents of 8 North-central states, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio after people eating pre-cut melon that linked with salmonella bacteria.

Uncombable Hair Syndrome found in children with parent gene mutations

The baby girl Taylor born with huge hair as her mother described as ‘young Einstein’.

Microbial Signature: A new tool for tracking burglaries

In forensic sciences, generally tracking the burglaries by using the techniques like DNA identification, facial reconstruction and others.

Seagate announced exclusive Xbox SSD at E3 2018

Seagate has announced its new Seagate Xbox SSD that’s been designed exclusively for Xbox One at E3 2018. E3 is the world’s largest exhibition for the games industry.

AMD Ryzen Wraith Ripper cooler for AMD Threadripper Gen 2 CPUs

AMD is very fancy when it comes to cooling solutions. Now, the cooler master presents the AMD Ryzen Wraith Ripper cooler for AMD Threadripper Gen 2 CPUs.

Accidents at high in Jurisdictions that have legalized Marijuana

A public health survey by Canada has reported that no improvement in rate of accidents with states legalizing marijuana in US.