Razer’s Mamba Hyperflux battery less gaming mouse

At CES this week, Razer presented its new remote gaming technology with mouse. The Mamba HyperFlux mouse Razer’s objective for this mouse was to make one of the lightest elite remote gaming mice accessible.

Lenovo launches a standalone VR headset with Google Daydream

Chinese multi-national technology firm Lenovo launches a standalone VR headset based on Google Daydream. The flagship Mirage Solo is the world’s first standalone Daydream VR headset, presents at 2018 consumer electronics show.

Astronomers locate mysterious fast radio burst three billion light years away

Fast radio bursts (FRBs), one of the universe biggest science mysteries is getting closer to solve. The radio bursts emit energy in a millisecond that ranges more than the sun emits throughout a day. While, astronomers detect radio waves from a mysterious fast radio burst, FRB 121102 that locate near a large black hole.

Texas woman died with ‘flesh eating bacteria’ in raw oysters

A woman in Texas died in consuming two dozen raw sea oysters on vacation in Louisiana at market. As it contained flesh eating bacteria which attacked the woman to death. Now people overwhelmed and afraid about healthcare after knowing the information.

Excess Ibuprofen to impact Male fertility

Researchers have conduced study and found that men consuming 1,200 milligrams of excess ibuprofen a day for six weeks may encounter with reproductive health problems as male fertility.

New anti obesity drug controls body weight and obesity related chronic diseases

Obesity, a leading disease around the world. Most of the adults in US suffering with obesity related chronic diseases. The estimated cost of obesity is about $150 billion each year.

NASA’s Juno shuttle captures stunning photos of Jupiter

The US space organization NASA’s Juno shuttle that is travelling around Jupiter has transmitted back another stunning picture of the climate of the biggest planet in planetary group.

Nvidia GeForce Now starts beta testing on PC

Nvidia GeForce Now, the company’s cloud gaming technology, launches GeForce Now beta version on PC. The new beta version currently running more than 160 games at most extreme visual settings, at up to 120 fps.

People residing around West Jordan 7-Eleven may affect with Hepatitis A

The salt lake county health department officials claim that about 2000 people located near 7-Eleven at 2666 West 7800 south affected with Hepatitis A. An employee in the restaurant affected with Hepatitis A may have hold items while serving is the cause for massive affect.