Popular wearable technology in 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 runs WatchOS 4. Auto-exchanging between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cell is overseen by new W2 remote chip. To get notices from outsider applications in the cloud, your iPhone should be fueled up some place so the Watch can speak with it by means of the cloud.

NASA going to launch these missions in 2018

With the launch of successful missions, NASA now entering 60 in this new year. In this special year, NASA announced a mission “2018 to do list” for launching some important missions.

World Health Organization Categorizes Gaming a Mental disorder

The World Health Organization (WHO) to propose “gaming issue” in a draft of its up and coming eleventh International Classification of Diseases. A book utilized by scientists and specialists to track and analyse sickness depicting it.

New Diabetes Prevention program launched

No-cost program is first of its kind in Northern California.

Technology Now, you can play HQ Trivia in Android

HQ Trivia, the most popular iPhone game in 2017. Now, the game is coming soon to android. The HQ Trivia Android app went live in the Canadian Google Play Store.

More wet weather tracks are coming soon in Gran Turismo sport

Gran Turismo sport on PlayStation 4 is getting positive reviews. However, the absence of observable wet-climate conditions astonished many racing fans.

American girl Luciana Vega announced girl of the year

The brand American Girl worked with NASA and a board of researchers and space explorers to make Luciana’s story and to inspire youth to develop themselves.

Enjoy this new year with supermoon

The sky welcomes this new year with the stunning show of the supermoon, it shows up on 1st January 2018.

Customize your Mini cooper with 3D parts

Mini offers a new customization program, “Mini yours customized”, which allows clients can customize their Mini cooper cars with 3D parts.

Physical comedy show coming to Ashland

The Truth will be showing in Ashland this Saturday