Today’s Tech news: Kaspersky discovers the new Keypass ransomware feature

Few days back a Cyber security research team from Kaspersky labs analyze a new ransomware ‘Keypass’.

Latest space news: SpaceX reveals its Crew dragon space craft controls

The SpaceX aerospace factory has revealed the secrets and controls of its crew dragon space craft on Monday in a press conference.

Latest space news: Earth’s oldest rocks formed by meteor strikes

A group of geologists have identified Earth’s oldest rocks known as felsic rocks for containing high convergences of silica.

Today’s Tech news: How the new Nvidia Turing GPUs benefit to filmmakers?

Nvidia Corp, one of the leading GPU manufacturers releases the information of it’s new Turing GPUs architecture at SIGGRAPH 2018.

FDA extend Recall of Blood Pressure Valsartan Drug causing cancer

The Food and Drug Administration has extended the review of a blood pressure Valsartan drug.

Intel discloses a new 3D NAND SSD drive for Cloud storage

Intel has disclosed a new 3D NAND SSD (strong state drive) ‘ruler’ form factor storage for data centers.

Jury ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million on Roundup cancer trial

A California jury on Friday discovered Monsanto subject in a claim by a man who charged the organization’s glyphosate

Adobe Smart scanning app now appears in Samsung Galaxy Note 9

American multi-national company Adobe collaborated with the world’s biggest smartphone market leader Samsung.

Williamson County rated heaviest drinking counties

Most of the surveys declare that individuals in Williamson County are a portion of the most beneficial in the state.

Hackers cracking WPA/WPA2 router passwords in new way

A cyber-security researcher identified a new Wi-Fi hacking technique that allows hackers to crack Wi-Fi passwords more easily in latest