Cockroach milk: The future superfood

Generally, if we can find a cockroach or any insect in your food than immediately we feel disgusting and leave that place. But, a latest Indian research reveals that the nutrition’s in cockroach milk have more than three times the energy of normal cow’s milk.

Google Pay partners PayPal making it work inside Gmail, YouTube, and Lot More!

PayPal has recently been spotted making payment easier and more secure for its users. Along with this, it is also on its route to create a deeper integration with Google Pay. So, what’s new about the popular online payment portal?

Apple Watch saves another man’s life

After the New York incident, now Apple watch saves another man’s life. Kevin Pearson, a 52-year-old from Cockermouth in the north of England, was faced this situation when reading a book.

Study finds Fish diet improves Sex lives and Infertility

Researchers from Harvard observed results for 500 couples with fish diet in Michigan and Texas for one year. The greater part of the couples about to have pregnancy.

World’s richest man going to create a moon colony for human colonists

The world’s richest man and also the CEO of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announce big shocking news that his private space travel company Blue Origin is going to create a moon colony for human colonists and the earth’s heavy industry within decades.

Pandora exclusive family plan with Apple and spotify

Pandora is launching another Premium Family arrange for that offers up to six clients boundless music gushing for $15 a month. The arrangement coordinates the cost of family designs from Spotify and Apple Music.

Amazon Map Tracker allows customers to follow Package Delivery in Real Time

Amazon came up with an interesting and useful feature, perhaps last month, but pretty secretly that not many people got to know about it for long.

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Body Needs Iron Rich Foods

Iron food plays an important role in the body. One of the main roles of iron is to help our red blood cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body.

Google beats Amazon in smart speaker shipments

A latest survey uncovers, Tech monster, Google outperformed Amazon in worldwide smart speaker shipments in the first quarter of 2018.