Newegg offers AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with 120GB SSD combo at cheap price

For spending manufacturers, the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 offers a moderate arrangement. However, things just got a touch of fascinating and that is because of the most recent package.

Easy ways to make toddler’s sleep

Making toddler’s sleep can be a difficult time for both parents and child. Sleep regressions, cold weather, illness and transitioning from a cot to a bed.

All About Google One – the Service All Set to Make Paid Storage Plans cheaper!

Wondering what on earth is Google One? If you are not already aware of it, let’s start with a small introduction.

Twitter Account activity API changes: Some third-party apps in danger

Two days back Twitter reveal the details of its upcoming Account activity API changes, which effects on third-party Twitter apps. With this announcement, the third-party apps can get to Twitter APIs and give services to users who are using Twitterrific and Tweetbot.

Apple to build new campus in North Carolina

Apple Inc looking for new campus closer to Duke University at North Carolina’s Research Triangle region. Tim Cook CEO and several other top Apple executives went to school. Triangle Business Journal reported on Wednesday.

Medical physicist’s new method generates 3D images of cancer cells

Medical physicists developed a new method that can generate 3D images of cancer cells in the body. This medical news can use to investigate the development of cancer cells more closely in the body.

Six steps plan to get rid of trans fat by health officials

World health organisation on Monday said to get rid of Trans fat world by 2023 in global food supply because it has a lot of bad cholesterol than good one. By having trans-fat foods over all 500,000 people where died told by WHO director general so they found a six step plan.

California Department issuing Licenses for Apple, Waymo self driving cars

California began permitting self-driving cars organizations to apply for licenses. To empower them to test their vehicles without a driver. At the end of the day, the vehicle could contain standard people taking a driverless taxi ride.