CIMION: Elon Musk’s AI robot joins on International Space Station

Flying brain, a ball-shaped AI robot trained to follow and interact with a German astronaut, launched Friday

Cooper’s space map now scans treasure-laden shipwrecks in Bahamas

Over 50 years ago, a NASA astronaut created a Space map that could lead a modern-day explorer to the sites of treasure-laden shipwrecks

How plants pass seasonal information?

How plants pass seasonal information A team of genetic scientists from John Innes Centre investigated the plant genetic memory also how plants pass seasonal information

Geologists uncovered the changes of earth until 2.4 billion years ago

Geologists from University of Oregon uncovers that, 2.4 billion years ago the Earth was simply a substantial waterway. Later, land rapidly rose out of the ocean and triggered dramatic changes in life and atmosphere.

American paleontologists discovered a dinosaur teeth bird

Yale university researchers have discovered a bird beak that inspired the likes of Charles Darwin bore the very first beak. Scientists said, the dinosaur teeth bird, Ichthyornis lived 100–66 million years ago and plays a key role in the evolutionary journey from dinosaurs to modern-day birds.

NASA Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway is ground for human exploration

After a sudden exit from moon mission, NASA is going to develop the new mars mission, Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway, to provide the ground for human exploration into the solar system.

A bacteria group communicates to avoid antibiotics, says microbiologists

A team of American microbiologists recently reveals a shocking news about a bacteria. The pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes pneumonia, sepsis and other infections. This bacteria group communicates distress signals in response to avoid certain antibiotics.

Scientists stunned after cancelling NASA moon mission

NASA has drops the main robotic vehicle under development to investigate the surface of the Moon. The NASA moon mission, Resource Prospector (RP), a robotic rover that had developed for about 10 years to investigate a polar region of the Moon.

NASA and John Deere spread self-driving tractor capabilities

More than a decade ago, farmers using self-driving tractor in part of partnership between John Deere and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on GPS receivers.

Chemists design a molecule using optical tweezers

Scientists design a molecule using optical tweezers and spearheading an entirely new form of chemical reaction. In the study, a team of Harvard researchers trapped two individual atoms in separate laser beams, then united them together and triggered a reaction between them with a photon of light.