Latest Space News: Close Encounter With 2016 NF23 ASTEROID?

We are not new to the term Asteroid and their close encounters with the Earth. There are many theories of asteroids.

Latest space news: Finally NASA confirms Moon surface contains ice

In latest space news Scientists of NASA confirms that moon surface contains ice and water. With the help of Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft.

Latest space news: NASA to announce first astronauts crew transportation space shuttles

Along these lines, throughout the previous seven years, the American space agency has been paying its Russian partner Russia’s Soyuz

NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover stays quiet as a big dust storm

NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover stays quiet as a big dust storm keeps on whirling on the Red Planet.

Antares Rocket launched from Wallops Flight Facility

The launch of an Orbital ATK Antares rocket to the International Space Station from Wallops Flight Facility has been pushed back one day because of climate concerns.

NASA mission: The Advanced Plant Habitat in space

The NASA‘s Advanced Plant Habitat (APH), a current expansion to the International Space Station. It is the biggest development chamber on board the circling research facility.

Giant Storms disappearing on Neptune, Images from Hubble telescope by NASA

The Hubble telescope has captured the giant storms on Neptune for the first time. The storm on Neptune is now disappearing. The space craft NASA’s Voyager 2 has identified the dark storms on the planet’s atmosphere. As atmosphere in Neptune is thick and high effective storms begin and end frequently and it lasts only for […]

Mars rover Opportunity competes 5,000 days on the red planet

NASA’s enduring Mars rover Opportunity has recently moved past another huge milestone competes 5,000 days on the red planet.

NASA 3-D printable tools may analyze the astronaut health

NASA developing a 3-D printable tools on the International Space Station (ISS), that can handle liquids like blood samples without spilling in microgravity.

NASA GOLD: The mission will study the earth’s ionosphere

NASA GOLD (Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk), a new space mission will investigate the atmosphere in a major zone (between magnetosphere and ionosphere) with the help of a communication satellite, SES-14.