NASA going to launch these missions in 2018

With the launch of successful missions, NASA now entering 60 in this new year. In this special year, NASA announced a mission “2018 to do list” for launching some important missions.

American girl Luciana Vega announced girl of the year

The brand American Girl worked with NASA and a board of researchers and space explorers to make Luciana’s story and to inspire youth to develop themselves.

Enjoy this new year with supermoon

The sky welcomes this new year with the stunning show of the supermoon, it shows up on 1st January 2018.

Skull-molded space rock will voyage by earth on 2018

A goliath space rock which resembles startling human skull prepare to fly through earth on 2018. The space rock named, 2015 TB145, is more than 600 expansive.

NASA going to reveal its Kepler discovery findings on alien life

On last week, NASA announced a major mission on alien life. According to NASA, the new Kepler planet hunting telescope is working with Google’s AI system for finding potentially-habitable worlds.

NASA confirms mysterious fireball above Florida

On Tuesday, a mysterious fireball fallen in Florida, it blasts behind the clouds. Florida residents stunned when they noticed a fireball skies.

Mars 2020: NASA’s new mars rover mission

Mars 2020, the NASA’s next mars rover mission will be flying to the red planet in just a couple of years. This new Mars rover looks like its ancestor, curiosity mars rover.