New Mozilla Tool Limits Facebook from Tracking User Data

Ever since Facebook is surrounded by controversies after the latest Cambridge Analytica debate, users are either reluctant to use the social site or are worried about their data. Companies like Playboy are deleting their accounts and celebrities and bigwigs are busy joining #DeleteFacebook campaign.

Facebook to limit app’s access to account data after the Analytica Scandal

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal has made to the headlines, Facebook is facing a tough time! And so is its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg! Being severely criticized for not offering proper privacy to his social media platform users

Whatsapp co-founder call for #deleteFacebook on twitter

As WhatsApp is calling for individuals to #deletefacebook in the wake of an outrage. For utilization of information with huge number of the online social media users.

Facebook Messenger Kids Parental controls

A letter sent Tuesday to CEO Mark Zuckerberg contends Facebook Messenger Kids the application is planned for those under 13. They aren’t prepared to have web-based social networking accounts.

Facebook mission plan to focus on groups to ‘bring the world closer together’

Facebook has announced a new mission plan to help its users across the world. The mission introduced as “Bringing closer together” to increase more connectivity and relationships between people by improvising Newsfeeds, Posts, friends, families and to overcome Fake news with following updates in upcoming months.

Facebook launches Messenger Kids app for young children

Social media giant Facebook launches a privacy focused messaging app, Messenger Kids, to overcome child threats. The app can be managed by a parents Facebook account.