Why Intel refusing to fix the TLBleed vulnerability?

Nowadays, a large number of flaws discovered in famous CPUs. Now, researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam https://goo.gl/qHxBQp

Google Android Messages app 3.3 update brings Material Design 2

A couple of days ago, Google releases an Android Messages app 3.3. The version brings a new features, improvements and optimizations. https://goo.gl/ScMSfk

2019 Microsoft HoloLens 2 use Snapdragon XR1 chip

Microsoft ready to launch the next version of its HoloLens AR headset in early 2019. https://goo.gl/9Be3i3

BMW 8-Series coupe comes back again in 2019

After a long time, German luxury car manufacturer BMW officially announce the BMW 8-Series coupe comes back again. https://goo.gl/4hPz2g

Upcoming Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 available at BestBuy on June 24

Almost a year ago electronics maker Samsung launch Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus into the Chromebook market. https://goo.gl/npcga2

AMD Ryzen Wraith Ripper cooler for AMD Threadripper Gen 2 CPUs

AMD is very fancy when it comes to cooling solutions. Now, the cooler master presents the AMD Ryzen Wraith Ripper cooler for AMD Threadripper Gen 2 CPUs. https://goo.gl/KKZak9

MIT create psychopath AI robot using Reddit

MIT researchers prepared an AI, named “Norman” to end up a psychopath by just exposing it to shocking Reddit images of frightful deaths and violence. https://goo.gl/Xg7svr

Apple 4K tv now gets Dolby Atmos support

Apple announced their new updates and upgrades to its different OS platforms at the WWDC 2018 annual developer conference. https://goo.gl/JRHaPY

Microsoft confirms GitHub acquisition for $7.5 billion

The popular web-hosting service GitHub has now acquired tech monster Microsoft. Earlier, a leading financial news provider reveals the news about this deal and announce the cost of the deal on Monday. https://goo.gl/jQPZAz

World’s richest man going to create a moon colony for human colonists

The world’s richest man and also the CEO of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announce big shocking news that his private space travel company Blue Origin is going to create a moon colony for human colonists and the earth’s heavy industry within decades. https://goo.gl/EdP7fN