Perhaps Google says Goodbye to Inbox!

About 3 years back Google came up with its (then) new and innovative email client. Inbox by Gmail, as named and popularly sold by Google, was what the company boldly called, “completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.”

Microsoft adds new comics feature in its pix camera app

Microsoft introduces a new feature in its Pix camera app for iOS. The app can also get a comics feature that uses a machine learning model to find the best frames from your Pix Moment captures to create a basic comic strip.

Future Android devices won’t be supporting 32-bit apps

Google announced several new changes and policies to Android developers for better app security and performance on Google Play. According to Android, for ensuring security and build up the performance of the Android platform, Google implementing some changes that are designed to promote a positive experience to users who like discovering and installing apps and […]

You need to know about Android Oreo

The famous Google mobile operating system Android released its upcoming version Android Oreo (Android 8.0).