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AOL instant messenger to shut down its service from today

The AOL instant messenger, first chat app in the history since 1997 to get shut down on December 15th.

Google Project Fi brings bill protection service with an unlimited data plan

Project Fi, tech giant Google’s virtual mobile network service provide call services, text messaging and data services using both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Now, Project Fi brings bill protection service with an unlimited data plan with to their customers.

Attention Android users! Android P developer preview reveals later this month

Tech giant Google brings a surprise gift to their Android users later this month. According to rumors, Google is building up upcoming Android version, Android P (Android 9.0). Now, the company is preparing to reveal Android P developer preview to the public.

Elon Musk joins #deletefacebook with tweets

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have conflicted on counterfeit consciousness, space travel and the bearing of innovation.

Boosted Launch electric skate boards at $ 749

The company Boosted has presented four new electric skate boards models. Each with its own particular interesting highlights and a typical built by power control.

Google Duplex: AI voice response technology

Earlier, Tech giant Google announced their upcoming products and innovations at the Google I/0 2018 event. At the event, the company introduced the ‘Google Duplex’ is an AI voice response technology.

Review: Skagen Falster wearable Smart watch

Skagen watch maker a subsidiary of fossil group has released its new Falster smartwatch wearable device.

Upcoming XBOX games of 2018

Amazing XBOX games to be launched in 2018 for whole year entertainment.