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Today’s tech news: Motorola to focus on Moto G7 Series in 2019

Moto G7 series has started by Motorola after the success of the Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus and Moto G6 Play.

Today’s tech news: Intel 9th Generation processors for PC launched, Pre-order now

Intel launching its 9th generation processors for PC in event to be held today at 10 AM ET. In event “fall desktop launch”.

Today’s tech news: Senate to pass bill on shooting down private drones

The U.S. government will before long have expert to shoot down private drones thought about a risk.

Today’s tech news: Samsung to reveal the secrets of the foldable smartphone in a month

Samsung working on a foldable smartphone and it seems that the device is away from the public debut.

Today’s tech news: WhatsApp launches PIP mode in Android Beta version

The messaging platform WhatsApp launched a new feature in Beta version of its android app know as Picture in picture mode (PIP).

Today’s tech news: Adobe revamped its cloud based services on all platforms

Adobe has updated its acrobat Document Cloud service across platforms.

Today’s tech news: Telegram Desktop App Leaks Data during Voice Calls

Instant messaging app Telegram’s desktop app has been found that leaking the public and private IP addresses of users.

Today’s tech news: Google offers travel planning tools to book hotel and air tickets

The tech giant Google extending its vision towards travel, to offer services in buying hotel and air tickets.

Today’s tech news: Look out HP Tango a smart printer

Smart printer with impeccable features available in the market. But, you cannot match HP Tango printer with other printers.

Today’s tech news: Google Using AI to predict Weather Forecasts in India

Google to implement Artificial intelligence for predicting the weather forecast and reporting to people in flood prone areas.