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Popular wearable technology in 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 runs WatchOS 4. Auto-exchanging between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cell is overseen by new W2 remote chip. To get notices from outsider applications in the cloud, your iPhone should be fueled up some place so the Watch can speak with it by means of the cloud.

Technology Now, you can play HQ Trivia in Android

HQ Trivia, the most popular iPhone game in 2017. Now, the game is coming soon to android. The HQ Trivia Android app went live in the Canadian Google Play Store.

More wet weather tracks are coming soon in Gran Turismo sport

Gran Turismo sport on PlayStation 4 is getting positive reviews. However, the absence of observable wet-climate conditions astonished many racing fans.

Customize your Mini cooper with 3D parts

Mini offers a new customization program, “Mini yours customized”, which allows clients can customize their Mini cooper cars with 3D parts.

Samsung Galaxy S9 design leaked by case maker

Another mobile accessory manufacturer leaks the upcoming samsung device design. Ghostek, the maker taking orders Galaxy S9 for its strong waterproof nautical cases. Previously, a case maker Olixar and mobile accessory retailer MobileFun, leaks the images of Galaxy S9 design.

Upcoming XBOX games of 2018

Amazing XBOX games to be launched in 2018 for whole year entertainment.

Apple’s Final X Pro with 360-degree VR video editing

Apple today declared a expert video altering application Final Cut Pro X. With new highlights including 360-degree VR video altering with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video.

Microsoft adds new comics feature in its pix camera app

Microsoft introduces a new feature in its Pix camera app for iOS. The app can also get a comics feature that uses a machine learning model to find the best frames from your Pix Moment captures to create a basic comic strip.

Apple implementing EKG feature in upcoming smartwatch

Apple planning to develop an advanced heart-monitoring feature in upcoming smartwatch. By using electrical signals, the new feature can track heart rate and detect any abnormalities like irregular heart rates.

Facebook new face recognition feature on photos,videos,tags

Facebook launched a new facial recognition system that protects by detecting your presence in someone else post.