How to cure Diabetes naturally at home

Diabetes, the most effected and serious disease. It arises when glucose is too high in blood. The disease involves with the insulin hormone. Insulin, a pancreatic hormone, that helps to store and use the glucose from what you eat. However, glucose is an important source of energy for us. Click here to read more

Breakfast: Don’t skip your most important meal of the day

Eating a good breakfast is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, breakfast is the most ignored meal of the day when it comes to our health. Nearly, 30 million Americans skip their breakfast for several reasons. Some are trying to cut calories, too busy during the morning rush, and others say don’t feel […]

New anti obesity drug controls body weight and obesity related chronic diseases

Obesity, a leading disease around the world. Most of the adults in US suffering with obesity related chronic diseases. The estimated cost of obesity is about $150 billion each year.

Geneticists made hybrid sheep embryo with human stem cells

Towards transplanting human organs into animals, Stanford researchers successfully created the hybrid sheep embryo with human stem cells. In which, one in every 10,000 cells was human.

Einstein Ring in Space, image captured by Hubble Telescope

A circle encompassing a cosmic galaxy system Hubble Space Telescope picture visualizing gigantic masses that are twisting time and space.

Six steps plan to get rid of trans fat by health officials

World health organisation on Monday said to get rid of Trans fat world by 2023 in global food supply because it has a lot of bad cholesterol than good one. By having trans-fat foods over all 500,000 people where died told by WHO director general so they found a six step plan.

First EyeMax Mono lens implant surgery performed for AMD disease

For the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), LEH Pharma Ltd, a U.K.

Latest space news: NASA confirms liquid water on Mars

Researchers study is based on observations made with the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE)

Health news today: Get Long Lasting Hair Growth With Synthetic Sandal Wood

A study determines that prolonging hair growth in humans by applying a synthetic sandalwood material on scalp.

Top 10 Alternative Medicines for Diabetes

The alternative medicine is meant for Possibility or choice on conventional medicine in treating diabetes. According to study, it affects more than 285 million people worldwide. Click here to read more