Researchers demonstrate hidden feature in bacteria

The bacteria has ability to recognize the surroundings with no sensory organs. The researchers explained about bacteria that responds to chemical signals and have sense of touch. Click here to read more

One cancer drug against all types of tumors

The new cancer drug treats a genetic disorder responsible for most of the cancers influencing several types of tumors.

A Boy with 60 percent damage of skin gets new skin with gene therapy

A boy with rare disease gets treatment by doctors developing new skin with gene therapy. Most of the body in a distressed to help and save his life. Click here to read more

Fighting for better IVF embryo donations

A fertility clinic, IVF Australia to investigate allegations in IVF embryo donations that a Sydney woman led them to believe the pregnancy of her donor developed baby had failed. Click here to read more

World Health Organization Categorizes Gaming a Mental disorder

The World Health Organization (WHO) to propose “gaming issue” in a draft of its up and coming eleventh International Classification of Diseases. A book utilized by scientists and specialists to track and analyse sickness depicting it.

Facts about Cinnamon lowering type -2 diabetes

Cinnamon has good qualities in reducing the types of diabetes as it is ancient spices used in food. It maintains the sugar levels in blood and improves triglyceride, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

New smart security system verifies user using finger vibrations

A new smart security system, Vibwrite, that senses finger vibrations to verify users. The security system could use to gain access to homes, apartment buildings, cars, appliances anything with a solid surface. Click here to read more

Brain training Programs and classes around the world

Brain training to improve thinking skills, intelligence and cognitive skills these training sessions are organized for people with brain problems such as traumatic brain injury, ADHD, dyslexia, dementia, chemo brain. Click here to read more