Sleep deprivation damages your brain cell communication

Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep. It’s impact severe on our brain functions, with dangerous consequences arising in daily life. However, many studies focused on how sleep affects on our body function, and how it impacts the brain. Click here to read more

Bariatric surgery controls the death rate in obesity patients

Bariatric surgery, a stomach surgery which helps those who have an extreme weight. However, a new research says, Bariatric surgery controls the death rate in obesity patients.

Daytime sleep could increase the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults

Sleep refreshes our body and mind, but a poor sleep can do just the opposite. However, the latest study reveals that sleeping at day time may build a have harmful plaque in the brain that indicates developing Alzheimer’s in adults.

Researchers developed new dipolar molecule

Researchers from Harvard have combined two atoms for the first time and named it as dipolar molecule. The invention holds guarantee for the fate of quantum processing, as the dipolar atom constitutes another sort of qubit, the littlest unit of quantum data, which could prompt increasingly effective gadgets.

FDA warns parents using Benzocaine Teething Products for kids

The Food and Drug Administration cautioned parents about utilizing teeth items that contain the mainstream desensitizing substance benzocaine.

An asteroid based metal can cure and destroy cancer cells

A metal from the dinosaur killing asteroid that can target and destroys cancer cells. An international research team demonstrated that the world’s second densest metal, iridium, can be used to kill cancer cells by filling them with a deadly version of oxygen, without harming healthy tissue. Click here to read more

Guidelines and precautions of High Blood Pressure

Very common health problem in every human at an early age is high blood pressure and also known as hypertension. The high blood pressure determined as pressure with flow of blood in arteries connected from heart to the body parts. Click here to read more

Surrogate Mother declined Fetus removal after knowing Heart imperfection

A surrogate mother who declined to prematurely end an infant with a genuine heart imperfection. Conflicting with the infant’s folks, has approached individuals to “pick love” and bolster the couple days after she conveyed the newborn child.