Woman born without a vagina underwent a Neovaginoplasty with fish skin

The revolutionary treatment neovaginoplasty involved medics opening a space between the vagina and anus. Before inserting a tubular mould lined with the fish skin.

New Guidelines from American Cancer Society for Colorectal cancer screening

People with colorectal cancer obtaining treatments in the advanced stages as delay in detection of cancers. By this rate of colorectal cancer deaths increased.

Cockroach milk: The future superfood

Generally, if we can find a cockroach or any insect in your food than immediately we feel disgusting and leave that place. But, a latest Indian research reveals that the nutrition’s in cockroach milk have more than three times the energy of normal cow’s milk.

Study finds Fish diet improves Sex lives and Infertility

Researchers from Harvard observed results for 500 couples with fish diet in Michigan and Texas for one year. The greater part of the couples about to have pregnancy.

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Body Needs Iron Rich Foods

Iron food plays an important role in the body. One of the main roles of iron is to help our red blood cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body.

Geologists uncovered the changes of earth until 2.4 billion years ago

Geologists from University of Oregon uncovers that, 2.4 billion years ago the Earth was simply a substantial waterway. Later, land rapidly rose out of the ocean and triggered dramatic changes in life and atmosphere.

FDA warns parents using Benzocaine Teething Products for kids

The Food and Drug Administration cautioned parents about utilizing teeth items that contain the mainstream desensitizing substance benzocaine.

Antibacterial substance in toothpaste can fight against severe lung disease

You know, an antibacterial substance in toothpaste may fight against a severe lung disease cystic fibrosis (CF).

Antares Rocket launched from Wallops Flight Facility

The launch of an Orbital ATK Antares rocket to the International Space Station from Wallops Flight Facility has been pushed back one day because of climate concerns.

Survey claims Men facing Erectile dysfunction in their 30s

A new survey claims that men in 30’s facing Erectile dysfunction (ED) problems and feeling awkward to discuss the problem.