These NASA missions will explain the lifecycle of stars

NASA plans to launch new missions to examine the lifecycle of stars. These NASA missions will study the birth of stars and how they die in the Milky Way.

NASA’s Curiosity marks two-thousandth Martian day

Another point of reference as NASA’s Mars Curiosity two-thousandth Martian day, or sol, on the Red Planet.

Human stem cell treatment may be an effective therapy for alcoholism

To find a better treatment for alcoholism, researchers from Chile find a new study involving human stem cell treatment and lab rats may possibly be the way to finding a cure for alcoholism. Currently, 17 million adults have an alcohol use disorder.

South Atlantic Anomaly study reveals earth’s magnetic field getting weak

Researchers exploring an abnormality in Earth’s magnetic field occurs in the southern hemisphere that has been named the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA)’.

‘Equinox’ first day of the spring on March 20

The first day of spring on March 20 this year known as the vernal equinox. It is quite often either March 20 or March 21 as indicated by the National Weather Service.

Russian scientists reveal the shocking news about the peruvian mysterious mummies

A team of Russian scientists discovered the mummies in southern Peru in 2016 and collected the tissue samples. Now, the team reveal about the mysterious mummies has long lengthen head with three fingers on each hand.

NASA Twin study Reveals that Human Genes in Space Change

As per the NASA study two brothers Scott Kelly and Mark are identical twins. The space agency has sent Scott Kelly into space for 340 days on the International Space station and Mark stayed on earth for observance.

Massive Solar storm heading towards Earth may hit tomorrow

Attention world! A massive solar storm heading towards earth and it’s probably going to hit today or tomorrow. Although, the geomagnetic solar storm is going towards the northern hemisphere, it sounds like a gentle one.

Daytime sleep could increase the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults

Sleep refreshes our body and mind, but a poor sleep can do just the opposite. However, the latest study reveals that sleeping at day time may build a have harmful plaque in the brain that indicates developing Alzheimer’s in adults.

Elon Musk believes flights to Mars may start 2019

The SpaceX CEO reveals facts about the project of flights to Mars may start trails soon. Musk said, the first flight of SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket could occur in the first half of 2019, although he admits to having optimistic timelines.